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This day trip will take us to the city of Reims, located 140 km east from Paris, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, which gave its name to the famous Champagne wine.

Visiting Champagne Pommery Cellars

Staircase of Pommery cellarsA mythic domain for Champagne

Started in 1868, ten years of hard labor were necessary to build the magnificent Domain of Pommery.

A beautiful staircase of 116 steps enables visitors to reach, 30 meters below ground level, a genuine cathedral made of chalk: the Pommery Cellars.

120 chalk-pits were dug out by the gallo-roman 2000 years ago. Later, Mrs. Pommery had the ingenuity to link the chalk-pits with 18 kilometers of galleries to stock bottles of Champagne. Each gallery was then named in homage of its international clients. The cellars now house 25 million bottles of Champagne, among which the oldest vintages of the company are kept in a dedicated Enoteca.

How to serve Champagne

How to serve Champagne

Refresh the bottle in a bucket full of water and ice for roughly 30 minutes or lay the bottle in the bottom of your fridge for 4 hours.

Serve it fresh, not frozen, between 7 and 8 °C, and follow these steps:

  • Hold the bottle in one hand and remove the cork wire with the other hand
  • Slightly incline the bottle and turn it while strongly maintaining the cork
  • Remove the cork slowly so as to prevent the "pop" noise

Fill the glasses only halfway so that the wine is able to release its fragrance.


Practical information - The guided visit will last roughly 1h30. Champagne testing is included.


Restaurant "Les 3 Brasseurs"

After the visit of the Pommery domaine, it will be time to have lunch and enjoy some beers at the restaurant "The 3 Brewers", a beer factory built during the early 20th on the Place d’Erlon (Erlon Plaza).

The blond beer

Light, thirst-quenching and delicious.

The amber beer

Thicker, balanced, mellow and hearty.

The scotch beer

Brown beer, ebony colored, mixes sweetness, roundness and bitterness.

And more to discover!


Visit of the city of Reims

The Cathedral, the chapel of the Tau Palace and Erlon PlazaIn the afternoon, free time to walk in the city of Reims and discover the Erlon Plaza, the Cathedral, the Tau palace, just next door.


Practical information - You are free to visit the city and the cathedral the way you want (about 2 hours).

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